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Tony Mason

Tony Mason has worked in the technology business for most of his life. Though not having a TRS-80, he taught himself to program in TRS-80 BASIC at the age of twelve from a book he had obtained. Then, starting with his first computer of a VIC-20, he learned to program in Forth and 6502 assembler. From there, Mr. Mason progressed in skill and expertise to work on a vast array of platforms and projects.

Tony Mason graduated with a B.Sc in Mathematics, continuing to Georgia Institute of Technology, obtaining a Masters in Computer Science. During these times, Mr. Mason found his niche in working with systems, the field in which one builds the software that runs computers. As such, Mr. Mason has had the privilege of developing a broad array of software components for companies and institutions like Microsoft Research and Standford. These components often work in the background to enable the functioning of software systems people do interact with.

Starting in 2004, Tony Mason began providing Expert Witness services. He found that his years in teaching technology also translated well into explaining technology to others. In addition, his oral skills have been honed in the academic arena through competitive speech and debates and teaching undergraduates as part of his degrees. Furthermore, his written communication was refined in his undergraduate college program, as it is well known for emphasizing good critical analysis written skills.

Currently, Mr. Mason offers his services as an Expert Witness for litigation surrounding computer science disciplines selectively due to the demands of completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. He also works as an instructor at the university teaching a class on distributed systems and back-end programming.

Technology, to most, is a magical gate, full of mysterious rules and logic. However, Tony Mason is open to aiding clients anywhere in the world become demystified by the technology surrounding them.

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