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A Service Like No Other

WAMASON.COM offers a unique, one-of-a-kind service for disputes involving code similarity. Perhaps you are going after a former business partner, or you are defending yourself from a previous employer: whatever your situation, WAMASON.COM will provide a better breakdown of the code, allowing your own experts to streamline their research and help your case.

Step 1: Consultation with Our Leading Expert

This phase involves discussing what sort of languages and code utilization are disputed with both parties. From this, Mr. Mason will construct a non-networked computer with the best technical analysis programs and software best suited to analyze your code with the opposing party's code.

Step 2: Send Code in dispute via Priority Mail in an insulated envelop

Both parties will send it to WAMASON.COM via Priority Business mail, and we will upload the code into the non-networked computer. Upon receipt of the code, we will run the code similarity analysis programs and generate a report. This report will be a neutral technical breakdown of how the two code databases are similar, along with an understanding of where and how they differ.

Step 3: Running the Analytics and Generating a Report

At this step of the process is where we at WAMASON.COM run the analytical software that will generate the report. Rest assured, we will do our due diligence to ensure the analytical programs run smoothly and not simply press 'compute' and call it a day.

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Step 4: Sending Back of Code and Reports

We will send back your proprietary code to their respective parties, ensuring the utmost security measures. Along with your code, an encrypted document containing the results and breakdown of the code similarity will be sent to both parties. The parties can then use it to further negotiations or aid their own retained expert witnesses with their work.

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