Expert Witness Services

I have been working in the technology business for most of my life. I taught myself how to program in TRS-80 BASIC from a book I obtained when I was 12, even though I never had a TRS-80. The first computer I had was a VIC-20, which I learned to program in Forth and 6502 assembler. Since that time I have worked on a vast array of platforms and projects. I found my niche in working in systems, the field in which we build the software that runs our computers. As such, I have been involved in developing a broad array of software components that most people never see.

I started providing Expert Witness services in the early 2000s and found out that the skills I acquired in teaching technology also translated well into explaining technology to others. My academic background has provided me with strong communications skills, both in terms of speaking (competitive speech and debate as well as teaching,) and in terms of writing (my undergraduate college program is well known for an emphasis on good critical analysis and writing skills).

Currently, I offer my services as an Expert Witness selectively, as I work to complete my PhD in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

I am available to work with clients anywhere in the world. Let me help you demystify technology.