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WAMASON.COM specializes in providing expert consulting services within computer coding and technology. We provide two major services. The first is providing lawyers and their clients expert testimony and depositions in their litigation, whether for prosecution or defending.

The second service we provide is code similarity analysis. It is a more expedited form of our first service. Using standardized code analytical tools, we generate a neutral report that can be used by one or more parties' own experts who can utilize the information to better enhance their own work. Or the parties in dispute can use the report to fine tune their arguments or perhaps come to an agreement.

Articles and Papers
Involved Creation of
Expert Witness in
International Cases

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we discuss in detail the type of project desired. Knowing our clients' needs we provide excellent service and efficient delivery. When the project is done, you know exactly what we have done and know that your case and evidence has been considered and being presented in the best possible way.

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